Dorian Gray is both appalled and fascinated by his portrait. He knows that it is an accurate representation of his physical self, but it also captures his soul. The painting becomes a symbol of his corruption and his narcissism. As it ages and he remains unchanged, the painting becomes a repulsive reminder of his own mortality.

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How is the portrait of Dorian Gray used as a symbol?

The portrait of Dorian Gray is used as a symbol of the corrupting influence of vanity and hedonism.

How does Dorian react to his portrait?

Dorian reacts to his portrait in a number of ways. He is initially pleased with it, but he later becomes horrified by it as it seems to capture his true nature. He even goes so far as to try to destroy it, but he ultimately can’t bring himself to do so. The portrait becomes a constant reminder of his own mortality and of the emptiness of his life.

How does the painting affect Dorian?

The painting affects Dorian in a number of ways. First, it seems to fuel his vanity and narcissism, as he becomes obsessed with his own physical appearance and worried about how he will look as he ages. Second, the painting also seems to act as a reminder of his own mortality, as he watches himself slowly change and deteriorate over time. This eventually leads to Dorian becoming increasingly paranoid and fearful, and he eventually destroys the painting in a fit of rage.

What does the portrait means to Dorian?

DorianGray’s portrait is a representation of his true self. It is a physical embodiment of his soul, and it shows the world his true nature. The portrait is a reminder to Dorian of the person he used to be, and it is a constant reminder of the choices he has made in his life.


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