Pablo Picasso’s early portrait of his mother is done in pastel, while the later painting is in oil. The early portrait is more realistic, while the later painting is more abstract. The early portrait is done on a canvas, while the later painting is done on a woodwork. The early portrait has a brush technique, while the later painting has a sanding technique.

Other related questions:

What was Picasso’s first painting?

Picasso’s first painting was “The Red House” (1881).

Where is Picasso’s first painting?

The first painting by Picasso that is currently known is the Picador, painted in 1890.

What was Picasso’s Early work?

Picasso’s early work was characterized by a wide range of styles and subjects, from traditional oil paintings and sketches to more modern, avant-garde pieces. He often drew inspiration from his native Spain, as well as other cultures, including African and Asian art. His early work was also heavily influenced by the work of other artists, such as Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse.

Why is Picasso so famous?

Picasso was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His Cubist paintings, sculptures, and other works are some of the most celebrated in the world.


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