a bigger splash. the painting is a highly realistic depiction of a swimming pool and the surrounding area. hockney used a variety of techniques to create the painting, including sanding and woodwork.

Other related questions:

What acrylic paint does David Hockney use?

David Hockney uses a variety of different acrylic paints, depending on the project he is working on. For his more recent works, he has favored the use of Golden Acrylics.

Why did Hockney use acrylic paint?

Hockney likely used acrylic paint because of its ability to create vivid colors and sharp lines. Additionally, acrylic paint dries quickly, which would have been beneficial for Hockney given his fast-paced painting style.

What was Hockney’s first painting?

Hockney’s first painting was “The Bigger Splash”, a painting of a man diving into a pool.

What mediums did Hockney use?

Hockney was primarily a painter, but he also worked in other mediums including photography, printmaking, and set and costume design.


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