painting over an area will do what to runoff water:

If you’re trying to protect your home from runoff water, painting over the area with a waterproof sealant will help. This will create a barrier between the water and your home, and prevent any damage from occurring.

Other related questions:

How does paint affect water?

Paint can affect water in many ways. It can change the color of the water, make it more dense, and even make it more toxic.

Does paint settle in water?

Yes, paint can settle in water.

Can you put paint water down the drain?

Yes, paint water can be drained through a sink or toilet. However, it is important to make sure that all of the paint has been removed from the water before draining it.

How do you separate water and paint?

There are a few ways to separate water and paint. One way is to use a paint separator, which is a tool that helps to remove the water from the paint. Another way is to let the paint sit for a few minutes so that the water can evaporate.


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