The name an artist puts on their painting is called the “signature.” The signature is usually placed on the front or back of the painting, near the bottom. The signature can be simply the artist’s name, or it may also include the date the painting was completed, the artist’s initials, or other identifying information.

Other related questions:

What do artists put their paint on?

Most artists use a variety of surfaces to paint on, depending on the type of paint they are using and the effect they are going for. Some commonly used surfaces include canvas, wood, metal, glass, and paper.

What do you call someone who paints on canvas?

A painter.

How do you label a painting?

There is no one answer to this question since there is no one right way to label a painting. Some common methods for labeling a painting include writing the title and artist’s name on the back of the painting, attaching a label to the back of the painting, or including a label with the painting when it is framed.

What is it called when an artist display their work?

The term “art show” can refer to a range of different events, from small displays of artwork in a private setting to large public exhibitions.


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