Wood that holds oil paintings is typically called a stretcher bar or stretcher frame. This is because the wood bars are used to stretch the canvas taut across the frame. Stretcher bars are generally made of pine or poplar because these woods are lightweight and inexpensive.

Other related questions:

What is the wooden thing that holds a canvas?

The wooden thing that holds a canvas is called a stretcher.

What is a canvas board called?

A canvas board is a piece of canvas that is stretched over a frame and is used for painting or drawing.

What is oil painting wood?

Oil painting wood is a type of wood that is commonly used as a support for oil paintings. It is typically made from a softwood such as pine or spruce, and is smooth and even in texture to provide a good surface for painting.

What is the wooden thing that painters use?

A painter’s palette is a wooden board or tray with a thumbhole or handle, used for holding and mixing paints.


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