You can find gesso at any art supply store, or online. It is a white paint that is used to prime surfaces before painting.

Other related questions:

Do I need gesso for acrylic painting?

Gesso is not required for acrylic painting, but it can be helpful in creating a smooth surface for your painting. If you are new to painting, we recommend trying a few practice paintings without gesso to see how you like the results.

What can I use instead of acrylic gesso?

You could try using a white paint, such as acrylic paint, as a substitute for gesso.

Is Mod Podge a substitute for gesso?

Mod Podge can be used as a substitute for gesso in some projects, but it is not as durable or as versatile as gesso.

What is acrylic gesso used for?

Acrylic gesso is often used as a primer for painting or as a base for other art projects. It can also be used to create texture on a surface.


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