Google Earth water looks like a painting because it is a painting. It is an oil painting on a canvas. The artist who painted it was very skilled and used a realistic technique. The brushes and spray were also very realistic.

The technique used in the painting is called sanding. This is where the artist sands the woodwork to create a smooth surface. The woodwork is then painted with acrylic paint. The paint is then sealed with a layer of clear varnish.

The painting is very realistic and the colours are very vibrant. The artist has used a technique called stippling. This is where the artist uses small dots of paint to create a realistic effect.

The painting is signed by the artist and is dated. It is a very beautiful painting and would make a great addition to any home.

Other related questions:

Why is the ocean textured on Google Earth?

The ocean floor is textured on Google Earth because it is covered in sediment. This sediment is composed of tiny particles of rock and other materials that have been deposited there by rivers, winds, and other natural processes. The texture of the ocean floor helps scientists to understand the history of the Earth’s surface and the processes that have shaped it.

Why does the sea look so weird on Google Maps?

There are a few possible explanations:

The image might be outdated – Google Maps generally has satellite imagery that is a few years old. This means that the coastline might have changed in the meantime (due to erosion, for example).

The image might be of poor quality – sometimes the satellite images are not very clear, which can make it difficult to see features such as coastline.

There might be something obscuring the coastline – for example, if there is a lot of cloud cover, this can make it difficult to see the coastline clearly.

Why does Google Earth blur the ocean?

Some believe that Google Earth blurs the ocean in order to hide the existence of Atlantis. However, Google has never confirmed this rumor.

What are the bumps in the ocean on Google Earth?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It could be anything from waves or currents to schools of fish or other sea life.


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