Because oil painting allows for a more realistic approach to painting, and because it is easier to control the paint on a canvas than on a water surface. Additionally, oil painting gives the artist more control over the final product, making it possible to create a more realistic painting.

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Why was Stieglitz important in the development of photography as an art form?

Steiglitz was an important figure in the development of photography as an art form because of his dedication to the medium. He was a co-founder of the Photo-Secession group, which promoted photography as an art form, and he also ran the influential gallery “291”, which showed the work of many avant-garde artists, including photographers. Stieglitz also published the journal “Camera Work”, which featured the work of many important photographers.

What technique did Alfred Stieglitz use?

Alfred Stieglitz was a photographer and modernist art promoter who was instrumental in bringing European modernism to the United States. He was particularly known for his “equivalents” series, in which he photographed clouds and other natural forms as abstract compositions.

What was Stieglitz goal for the status of photography?

Stieglitz’s goal for the status of photography was to establish it as a fine art, on par with painting and sculpture. He believed that photography should be seen as its own distinct art form, with its own set of rules and aesthetics. To this end, he helped found the Photo-Secession group in 1902, which promoted photography as a fine art through exhibitions and publications. He also founded the journal Camera Work, which featured some of the most important photographers of the early 20th century.

What was Alfred Stieglitz subject matter?

Alfred Stieglitz was a photographer who was interested in capturing the world around him. He often photographed cityscapes and landscapes, as well as people and events.


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